Uwe Rolf Ostfriesische blendedTees
Opa's Schietwetter Tee (loose)
100gr.  $6.50
250gr. $16.00

The East Frisian blend being
especially beneficial for the mentioned weather conditions.  
Very tasty with Rum.

 Ingredients: Black tea, lemon peel pieces, cinnamon, cloves.
Oma's Sonntags 
Tee (loose)
100gr.  $10.50
250gr.  $26.00

Made according to Ostfriesische tradition with real vanilla, only to bring a flavor enrichment. The tea should not taste like vanilla. The name is explained by the fact that vanilla being very expensive, was limited to Sunday. 

Ingredients: Black tea, vanilla.
(vanilla cost at all-time high)
250gr.  $15.00      100gr.  $6.50   

Ostfriesian blend with fruity, cinnamon-cream flavor, especially for Christmas.  (loose)

 Ingredients: black tee, apple, plum, almond pieces, cinnamon, vanilla pieces.
Tradition is in this Spitztüte!
250gr. Ostfriesen Tee $13.00 ea.
Weihnachts Tee for Christmas!
Real Christmas Tee from Aurich, Ostfriesland!
Klönstunden Tee
100gr $5.50
250gr. $13.00

Klönen means sitting together with friends or family and talking about everything, very relaxed.

This is robust, aromatic tea.