Thiele Tee
500gr  $26.00 each
Loose Tea

Real Ostfriesen blend from THEILE TEE in Teabags.

25x1gr $3.50 each
50x1.5gr $7.90 each

 250gr  $15.00 ea.
Loose Tea
 125gr  $9.30 ea.
Loose Tea
Broken silber- The best-selling Thiele tea - strong, aromatic and very productive. 
Best Assam teas dominate the full, fine-tart flavor of this classic premium blend: delicious and typical East Frisian.
The new juicea © aroma method opens up the full fruit taste. The rich aroma of the fruit tea is protected by the individually sealed infusion bags.
Black Currant & Cherry Fruit tea  20 teabags $7.00 each
PRICE INCREASE-Thiele has raised their prices and shipping is now double from DE to US. 
Shade! (too bad)
"Teetied" Kit:

Stock up on two main ingredients for the traditional Ostfriesen Teezermonie. 
This kit includes four 1000 gram (1Kilo) boxes of traditional KLUNTJE and two 500 gram bags of Thiele Tee Ostfriesen blend black tea shipped in a USPS Medium Flat Rate box. 
  $102.00 each.
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