Thiele Tee
500gr  $29.00 each
Loose Tea

Real Ostfriesen blend from THEILE TEE in Teabags.

25x1gr $3.50 each
50x1.5gr $7.90 each

 250gr  $15.00 ea.
Loose Tea
 125gr  $9.30 ea.
Loose Tea
Broken silber- The best-selling Thiele tea - strong, aromatic and very productive. 
Best Assam teas dominate the full, fine-tart flavor of this classic premium blend: delicious and typical East Frisian.
The new juicea © aroma method opens up the full fruit taste. The rich aroma of the fruit tea is protected by the individually sealed infusion bags.
Black Currant & Cherry Fruit tea  20 teabags $7.00 each
PRICE INCREASE-Thiele has raised their prices and shipping is now double from DE to US. 
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