Onno Behrends Tee

Onno Behrends Gold 
500gr.  $26.00 each
loose tea

Onno Behrends Gold is an award-winning flagship product of the company. Broken fine teas from the best plantations in Assam and Ceylon give a strong and finely aromatic flavor.
"Ostfriesen" East Friesian blend of the best Assam Teas
50 teabags  $6.90
Schwarzer Friese
50 teabags  $7.10 

Black Friese is the Real East Frisian Tea, strong and full aromatic tea as the East Frisians love it.
As one of the original real Ostfriesen tee purveyors, the young Onno Behrends opened his "special tea-shop" in Norderney, in 1888.