A Cup of Tea
'n Koppke Tee

Of all the joys they like the best,
Ostfriesens say: "a cup of tea!"
Five times each day his soul's refreshed
With Heaven's brew - a cup of tea.

When all goes wrong against your will
When sickness steals your glee,
One thought has power to heal you still:
Make me a cup of tea.

I do not crave for beer or wine,
They do not make my day.
But when you set out tea to dine,
I'll never say to you "Nay."

When times are bad, a pot of tea
Meant more than you can tell.
A man would give his shirt for tea
For it restored morale.

At end of day, when work is done,
And you from cares are free,
Then homeward bound you walk & run
To make your precious cup of tea.
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