Tea Tins
Tins from Ostfriesland, with embossed  
Asian patterns
These stainless steel tins are great for storing tea.  
 100gr. empty $8.00

w/Ostfr. Tee  
Pilsum Lighthouse Giftbag

Tin w/Ostfr. Tee
250gr.  Kluntje

$15.00 each
Ostfriesen Rose Pattern Tin
empty    $10.00 each
w/100gr Ostfriesen Tea   $14.00
in Giftbag as above  $18.00
500gr.  $21.50        100gr.  $7.00          300gr $14.00
(empty)        w/ Ostfr. Tea $10.00         (empty)  
in Giftbag $14.00
The famous Pilsum Lighthouse!
Interesting sights all around!
4 of the many wonderful 
Lighthouses of Ostfriesland, one on each side of the 100gr Tin.

Amrum, Borkum, Pilsum, Roter-sand.

Ostfr Lighthouse Tim     $6.50 each 
w/100gr Ostfr. Tea         $11.00 each 
in Giftbag                      $15.00 each
Cllick on image for info on that lighthouse