Customer Comments
"Keeping the Tradition!"
"Thank you so very much for taking so much time with my sister and I; she was SO HAPPY to get some of this porcelain and I am happy to have helped make this possible for her."

Hi Dan,
Thanks so much for your hospitality last week!  My sister and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit!  It was so wonderful to be surprised with something I didn't ever think would happen!  This special set is beautiful and I know I will so enjoy entertaining my guests at tea!  The pattern has enormous meaning to me! 
I hope we will have an opportunity to meet again in Rockford during the Aug. conf.
All my best,     Chicago

Hi Daniel- Thank you for taking over for Lillian. We were very concerned about how we would get our tea and kandis!   Iowa

Since we 'discovered' the Ostfriesen Tea Shop several years ago, the German tea has become a morning essential along with the Kluntje!  We are so glad that you are continuing "Lillian's" tradition of selling Ostfriesen tea.  Waterloo, IA  

Moin Dan,
Now I feel like I am back in Germany!
I will put a check in the mail in the morning.  Thank you for letting me
do that.  We are looking forward to having the tea.  I enjoyed our conversation also!
Ogden, IL

Thanks very much for your note and for continuing the OTPS. Yes to tea, lovely.  

This could only happen once in a lifetime---I'm of Ostfriesian heritage (Emden/Norden), so my husband and I drove from Iowa City to Holland on a cold winter day to find her shop. We purchased tea, porcelain, sugar, etc. She told some stories then dashed upstairs. It was mid day. Soon she announced she had four bowls (the rose pattern) of hot ham/potato soup on her kitchen table. We had a wonderful visit with her and her husband over delicious soup and tea. I'll never forget our warmed tummies and spirits. Since then I've ordered tea by mail. I'm drinking Sonnetag as I write.
Iowa City, IA
Dear Daniel - Everything already arrived today and everything is in great condition. You have exceeded my expectations. It's very much appreciated. I am sure I'll be back soon in the Ostfriesen Tea & Porzellan Shop!!

Thank you for your great service. Just received my order in the mail. I was surprised it was here so quickly.

Dear Dan!
My mother and I want to thank you for the wonderful time we had at your house this morning. The Tee and Kuchen were delicious! My mother felt as though she were back home in Ostfriesland! Have a wonderful summer!

This week Daniel Lippitt visited the Memorial German 2 class and presented wonderful pieces, background information and stories about Ostfriesen Porzellan and Tea.
“Tolle Idee...! Das hat bestimmt viel Spaß gemacht!” Student at James Madison Memorial H.S.

Hi Daniel, I mailed a check this morning. It should arrive before May 8th. Thank you for continuing the magic. Thanks, IL

Hello Daniel

Would you be so kind as to remove us from the mailing list? 
We are moving back to Germany next month, so we unfortunately won't be customers anymore! I wish you luck in your new business. I was so happy to hear you took it over, as we would be quite desperate without our Ostfriesian supplies, but now we will have access to them. If you have any questions about products or anything and I am in the North I would be happy to pop into a store and write you back with details. 

Thank you for the quick shipment of the kluntje.  My son took a box back to college with him and gave it to his German teacher.   He was surprised to find that someone in the US sold it.  He also gave his professor your contact information.  Hopefully you will get an order from him.  My wife is planning a German Tea Party with the other box.

Moin Daniel!
Thank you so very much. We are so happy that you continue to carry Kluntje Kandis. I have paid by credit card,

Hi Daniel...I just opened my box and found the lovelies inside!  THANK YOU!!  I am only sorry my budget couldn't afford the bigger one, because the smaller one is so very pretty that I just know the bigger would be even better!!  Will put it on a "wish" list!!
THANKS SO much...I can hardly wait to share the German Tea ceremony with our tea friends.

Hopefully the check will arrive today too.
Thanks again! 

Hi Daniel....
I live in Oregon, Wisconsin but my maternal grandparents lived in the Wellsburg area all their lives and I have fond memories of "tea time." I hope to make it over to your tea shop one of these days, but am wondering what the hours are. It's probably on the website but I missed it.

I'm so glad you did this post! I am always on the lookout for Kluntjes, they are very hard to find in the US. Usually German has them, but for some reason the price for them has gone up and they no longer stock them, only the Weiser Kandis which is not at all the same to a Ostfrieslander! From Heidelbergerin
Daniel, thanks for the tee delivery, and also the gift bag offerings for Christmas! I gotta have my Theile Tee and Kluntje, and the gift bags help spread the word and introduce others to authentic Ostfriesen Tee. Merry Christmas!

Moin Daniel,
Thanks for such prompt service in getting my order for the Tee and Kluntje out so quickly. I will get the check for  the payment in the mail tomorrow.
Also,  thanks for the information on the Ostfriesen Heritage Society. I will check that out via email today.
Have a wonderful Holiday.

 Thank you
Dan, My mother and I had a wonderful time at your home/shoppe today. She was surprised and happy to learn of the interest you have and others in keeping the scandanavian (fiddle group) culture alive. Your passion for life is evident in all the activities you are involved in. We look forward to visiting with you again. Merry Christmas, Brenda

Hello Daniel,
I'm amazed that you have already gotten the package ready to go.  Thank-you so very much.
I will put a check in the mail tomorrow.

Dear Mr. Lippitt,
I received the ornaments this morning.  We got one of those ornaments several years ago in the Amana Colonies.  It got broke and I thought we probably would never see another one. 
Thanks very much !!

Dear Daniel:
Thank you so much for the quick response to my sales order.
I am so happy to have found you online. I purchased the Ostfriesen Rose tea service while visiting family members in Wiesmoor, Germany, a few years back. I have purchased additional pieces for the set on subsequent trips.  Your online site will save me the huge expense of having to make frequent trips back to the old country. It is much appreciated!
Thanks again!

Just a note to let you know I received the  oval tray, teapot, creamer and super all in good shape and the tea tastes extra good from them!
Getting snow here today. Yea!  We need the moisture

Wow!  you must have an in with the post office.....I received the dishes late Wed. afternoon (probably before you got my check).... I even delayed leaving so I could unpack them all.....beautiful - beautiful -beautiful and in perfect condition.  I am so pleased was like Christmas.  Thank you so much for your services.  I will probably order two more "prayers' for my sisters for Christmas but I will wait until you get the mugs and then can send it all together.
a grateful happy customer.

Moin Daniel - nice to see you are still doing your "thang".   I have been enjoying all the great items I got in Rockford and impressing my friends with the kluntje in the wheelboro.  I already have the kitchen prayer I bought a coupla years ago.  Have a productive fall and enjoy the autumn in Wisconsin.  Colorado

Thank you for such fast shipping! We will enjoy our tea tonight!

Thank you!  What an easy, professional way to make an order.  Love it!!

Hi Dan,
The tray you sent arrived in great shape and I am enjoying it in my china cabinet with the tea pot and cr/sug.  Thank you for wrapping it so carefully!  I have had several tea parties and thoroughly enjoy using my “Ostfriesen Rose” tea set!!  A special thank you for the box of tea you enclosed in the pkg.  It was a nice treat and I shared some with my Sister.  

Hi Daniel,
The tea arrived Monday.  I should be all set for my tea on Thursday, with the Russell Kansas Antique and Collecting Club--a very German group of old farmers and their wives who probably would prefer to have beer than tea.  But that can be October's program.  But, I just made up a batch of bohnensopp (with currants and brandy) and somehow, I think that will be met with some enthusiasm.

In theory, it should be fun, but the reality of washing 30 cups and saucers, dessert plates, creamers/sugars, scrubbing out lots of tea kettles and baking is a bit daunting.  And then there will be the clean-up.  But, I've been looking forward to this for over a year.

So thanks for making it possible for me to introduce them to some authentic tee and kluntje.

Thank you so much!
I paid at the link – looking forward to receiving the package and celebrating with my daughters..
Daniel, It was good to talk to you, and it was so neat to find someone in the US who is an expert on the "Ostfriesische Teezeremonie"!
I am looking forward to my Tee and Kluntje - and I am sure my cultural presentation will be a hit with both students and the professor.
Thank You

I've been enjoying the teas I recently ordered from you. Teekane Ostfreisen Gold seems slightly smoother; Bünting's is a bit more astringent and richer-tasting, but very much to my taste!  Both are part of my regular tea-drinking, and confirm that this kind of tea  isn't replicated elsewhere. I have on hand dozens of teas from all over the world. (I do include lots of green tea as well.)

Thanks for attention to this article.    I subscribe to the NY Times and had read it last Sunday.   I feel so lucky to be part of this tradition of tea.   Remembering tea and kluntjes with Oma back in Fern, Iowa many years ago.    We always drank from a thin cup and carefully made a "blumchen" with the carefully placed cream.   Right now my supplies are all in good order and I need nothing at present.    

Thanks, Dan!  I received the tea catchers today (very nice)--and the check's in the mail! :)  Thanks!  

Hi Daniel,
The tea and kluntje arrived already on Saturday.  My son and I are enjoying it.  We've been having our own little tea ceremony every evening before bed.  You should have seen his face when he hit the sweetness of the kluntje at the bottom of the cup!  Yum.

Hi Dan!
            Boy, that's service!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm excited to try the fruit tea!  Will let u know how they are.  I am sending you a check in the mail if that's okay.  Will put my invoice # on the bottom of my check.  Thanks again.

I am so happy to have found your website. Now my cousin in Friedeburg doesn't have to send me Thiele Tee anymore. I can order it from your store. Thank you!

Thanks Dan for the super fast tea delivery!

Dear Daniel,
"Klönen" means sitting together with friends or family and talking about everything very relaxed. So the Klönstunde is a time (it doesn't have to be exactly one hour) in which you maybe sit in the living room with your familiy, drink tea and talk about the day or the week or everything else.

So it is a litte like meeting your friend in a cafe to drink a coffee or tea, but the more relaxed eastfrisian way.

Best Regards

Hi Dan,  
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! I would like to purchase the teapot and the teawarmer. The items listed on  your invoice are exactly what I intend to buy. Please send me the link for payment.

Hello, I am originally from Oldenburg (Niedersachsen). Always missed my 'Tee mit Kluntje und Sahne'. I got my Kluntje today and my Tee Stoevchen (teapot warmer). Will order Ostfriesentee soon because I am almost out of it.

I believe that, of the Ostfriesen teas I've tried (including Bünting), I like Onno Behrends best overall. But each one tastes a little different. These are teas I drink in the early morning and at breakfast.  (I don't drink coffee.)  Later in the day, I switch to Chinese black teas and green teas! 

Again, I'm glad you are a source of these teas in this country.  My niece who lives in Germany was the one who introduced me to Osfriesen tea (Bünting).  

Moin Daniel,
Seeing and hearing moin brings back wonderful memories of living in Ostfriesland for 2 years with my grandparents.  I heard it every day and my brother and I still say it to each other.
Thank you so much for checking into the availability.  I look forward to hearing back from you.
Have a great evening.

 Hi. Thanks for the voice mail.  I'm so excited to have found my german tee!  Pls call me if you have any questions on my order.  Vielen Dank!!

Happy New Year, Daniel,
I want to thank  you for so promptly sending us the teas we ordered, even before billing us. It is so nice to have holiday teas from Ostfriesland; my husband’s family is from there.

Thank you for continuing this service!  I spent a year in Norden, Ostfriesland (home of Onno Behrends), and still use the tea set my host family gave me.

6 is great. We are using them up fairly quickly anyway (every morning three heaping coffee spoons into the paper filter of the Melitta coffee maker, with 10 cups of water; let the first cup or so of water accumulate, for better flavor, then put the glass carafe into the machine. Not at all traditional Frisian methods, but easy and tasty.)

Dear Daniel,
The Ostfriesen Tee you sent is just what I wanted. Thank you for having it available for Germans like me. Have a good day!

We had our first tea last night. Excellent. I may be ordering the tea spoons
and dessert forks soon if you have them in stock. Mike

Hi Dan!   Just got my tea today [Blutorange] and this evening I just had to make a pot.  It's great!!!! I would recommend it to everyone.  Has great flavor and I can't tell the difference in brands.  Thank you so much for going out of your way to find it.    Your pesty friend

Wonderful! Thanks! I have just paid. I'm certain to make more orders. My wife's grandmother was from Ostfriesland and we have had a very hard time finding these items that remind my wife of the old days.

Moin Daniel:
I received the tea shipment today and just wanted to say thank you once again.  I appreciate the ease at which I can get authentic Ostfriesen tea.  I enjoy it every day, as does my Mom, my girlfriend and now some of my friends.
I hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend.

Hello. Today your package arrived safely. Thank you so much. It is a delight to receive it. I shall be making some tea before the afternoon is out.

Yes!  I did receive the tea order and only 2 days after I placed the order.  Thanks for the wonderful service!!  I hope you have received your payment by now.

Hello  And, thanks for the invoice.  I am sending it via post with my check.   -  And, you are correct.  I do use cream (I also have a tiny Ostfriesen tea spoon) so that I can make a "flower" on top of the tea.  -  My mother was from Ostfriesland, and I have been there visiting relatives, and they have also come here to MN to visit me.  Delightful to have these connections.  

Sorry I missed your telephone calls.  I was walking my dog and forgot my cell phone.  My parents were born and raised in Ostfriesland (Leer and Stickhausen) where I have visited several times.  During my visits I acquired a taste for East Freisen Tea.  I would like to speak with you about the tea. So many of the tea supply houses do not stock the tea and I was so pleased to find your web site.  Please call me tomorrow afternoon prior to 4:00 pm your time.  Thank you!

Hi Daniel,
Thank you so much for carrying the Ostfriesen Tea and Kluntje.  Back in February I did a search for these items and you were the only place in the US that I found to carry the Kluntje.  This will be a highlight of a tea I'm giving for a friend  next week.

The set of dishes arrived yesterday - well packaged - I opened each package and checked it over.  It is perfect - it is also beautiful.  Thought you would like to know it is now in my possession.

the Teewarmer arrived in excellent condition.  I 'am anxious to use it now, thanks for the quick mail, it got here on Tuesday.

Hi Daniel,
Yes, my mom received the gift package and she was so happy.  Currently, she is practicing making her little "cream cloud" in her tea cup.

I wanted to get back to you both about the tea the other day. What a wonderful way to start the day! Thank-you so much for inviting us. I think it's a really great way to start every day, with crackling sugar and clouds in your tea. We loved it!

I'm really happy to have found your shop. I've been looking for German made porcelain that isn't hyper modern but less costly than Meissen for over a year!  In this age when most British porcelain is made in china with questionable glazes w potential lead, your products should be better known.
Vielen Dank!  

Hi Daniel,
I wanted to get back to you about the "taste test" of the two teas you sent me: Thiele and Bunting.  Both are quite good and I can see why each has fans.  From my point-of-view, Thiele has slightly more complex flavors but slightly less "zing" in the mouth.  Bunting's profile is somewhat opposite: more zing and less complexity.  While these differences are not really great, I can see why certain people like one or the other.  Overall, my preference is for Thiele.

Hallo, Thank you for sending the Valentine bags to my son and my granddaughter. They loved them. Like I told you on the phone, I will be going to Germany from the end of June till the end of Aug. I love your store, but I have everything. Everyday I have my tea! All the best from sunny and warm Calif.

Daniel,  I just sent the payment using the link.  Thanks for the speedy turnaround.  I love my Ostfriesen Tea and Lipton is just not the same!

Moin Daniel,
I received my tea and Kluntje on Monday and am enjoying it thoroughly every day! 
Thanks for the quick shipment.

Daniel--I got my tea this morning.  It is GREAT..You will be hearing from me again..!